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Secret Breakers - The Power of Three reviewed by Charlie Eldridge

“Secret Breakers
The Power Of Three”
Written By: H. L. Dennis
Reviewed By: Charlie Eldridge

In 21st century London young teenager, Brodie Bray gets a mysterious letter from the postman that turns her life upside down. Brodie discovers that her family has been obsessed with an ancient document that has been kept secret for many generations, the Voynich Manuscript. In this truly terrifying quest to read the unreadable Brodie discovers how her mother was killed and why this terrible crime was committed.

Leaving her hometown, Brodie moves to a small area at the back of a museum improvised as a mini school codenamed Station X. At Station X Brodie learns the ways of code breaking with the wisdom and experience of her teachers Mr. Smithies, Miss Tandari and Mr. Ingham. Brodie was one of the only three people who came to Station X, out of the dozens that were invited.

Brodie meets some new friends, Hunter and Tusia and together they try to discover why the manuscript was written and how to decode it. They receive mysterious clues from people who have passed away 50 years ago. This team of code crackers never gives up, even in the hardest times. This may be the first time in many years that anyone has ever come this close to decoding the highly confidential Voynich Manuscript.

Secret Breakers kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way. It was fantastic! I could really feel the challenging moments and emotions that Brodie was going through. The book becomes so intense and exciting particularly when the team uncovers the answer to a riddle or code.

I liked the book because unpredictable and mysterious things happen when you least expect it. It is all about the thrill of solving the impossible. I also like it because there are weird and wacky characters like crazy Mr. Ingham who straps coffee mugs to his wrists and wears pajamas all day every day.

Secret Breakers is the first exciting book in a series of six for young teens who love mystery and adventure.
There are some interesting hand drawn illustrations in the book that allows the reader to imagine how Brodie resolves each problem she encounters. I would have liked more illustrations throughout each chapter to help me visualize Brodie’s surroundings. On the down side, I personally don’t like the front cover because it is dull and doesn’t look very appealing. I also think that the ending is very sudden and doesn’t tell you a lot about what is to come in the next book.

But seriously, don’t judge this book by its cover. Overall it is a fantastic read that keeps you on your seat waiting to know what is going to happen next. 9/10

Title: Secret Breakers The Power Of Three
Author: H. L. Dennis
Illustrator: Meggie Dennis
Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books UK
Publication date: 2012
Release date: May 2012
Format: Soft Cover
For ages: 9 and up

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